I am a Venezuelan painter and graphic artist, with 20 years of career

The Work has always interested me as an extraordinary object, where the reflections, feelings and universes of the artist materialize, that and all the elements that are configured in it. I vindicate the vital importance of the trade and the intellectual preparation of the artist, be it the latter academic or informal.

Universal literature has always been a great reference in my work, and supports my concerns about man and society, which are my fundamental theme.

My work has evolved from a painting and a drawing with a wide palette of colors and a less rigorous line, to a very strong chromatic synthesis, sometimes mono tonal, and to a drawing of greater precision and forcefulness. For this I use multiple traditional materials and other alternatives, more typical of our time: acrylics, synthetic inks, coals, recycled papers and high-­‐ weight packaging.

The formats of my pieces have been growing with the passing of the years, going from small and medium sizes to reaching large and mural dimensions, this as part of the need to move in others their sensitivity towards the issues that afflict me and matter so much.

I want to understand the reasons that motivate the rupture of man with his social environment. That inexorable conflict of interests between the System: its norms, rules and customs and the Individual: its reason, its conscience and its ethics.

The use of human and animal anatomy, the use of architecture and its exaggerated distortion: dispensing almost entirely of the perspectives, of the three-­‐dimensional and forcing them to the absolute plane and the use of dramatic compositions and their stress points, they allow generating new symbols and codes that reflect on the psychology of the individual and their relations of conflict with their environment.

All with the desire to express and transcend my concerns to another generation, to other places, to other individuals. To make visible the many questions and few answers that I find. Dealing at the same time with that false dilemma: who do we create for? For ourselves or for others ?. An art that does not touch others is an incomplete and sterile expression. An action without consequences is not such: it is a silent reflection, an unborn idea; and I believe that art is pure action.

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