SERIE I – Dante Soy Yo

SERIE I – Dante Soy Yo
2011 - 2016

The series “Dante soy yo” I am Dante, addresses the intimacy of human thought, scrutinizing it from fear, pain, desire, curiosity and the dark. To achieve this, Ricardo Garcia relies on that great universal text by Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy.

I am Dante, doesn´t seek to illustrate or literally represent Alighieri’s text, only use it as a starting point and as an excuse to develop new images, symbols, concepts, codes, questions, and so on. Elements that allow exploration (like Alighieri made it in his masterpiece) the darkest of thoughts.

The project is based on the techniques of drawing, engraving and painting, building on them an entire body. The artworks are presented as the most complex and beautiful artistic expression created.

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