SERIE III – La Bestialización

SERIE III – La Bestialización
2016 -2019

¨Bestialización¨ (Bestialization) is a series of large scale drawings on paper and canvas, that reflect on the human being and his struggle to preserve reason and conscience against the System that seeks to control him, subjugating him and reducing him to his minimum expression: an animal that it only has an instinct to adapt. When the human prevails, his destiny is madness, loneliness and misunderstanding, however when he is defeated by the System, Bestialization is the consequence of him. I stop to reflect on this last aspect in my work.

The Bestialization: It is the physical and mental metamorphosis that the human being suffers when losing his reason. This psychological debacle generates a violent increase in the levels of adrenaline and testosterone in the individual, it also produces changes in his cranial structure and some of his limbs, which turns him into a “bestialized being”: partially transformed into some scavenging mammal or some bird of prey Paradoxically, he also develops a keen sense of obedience, the same one that allows him to control them. These beings, who only respond to their survival instinct, have ceased to be human and have become animals of the System: suitable subjects who support, without questioning of any kind, the entire political, social, religious, military, economic and morality that groups them in packs.

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