SERIE IV – Tránsito al 9no Círculo

SERIE IV – Tránsito al 9no Círculo
2020 - 2022

The title “Tránsito al 9no círculo” (Heading to the ninth circle) refers to the route that Dante Alighieri describes in his Divine Comedy (Part One: Hell), where he and the poet of “The Odyssey” Virgilio descend the 9 circles of hell, witnessing the most horrible punishments to the souls of those who suffer in those spaces for all eternity.
With this I intend to show the parallelism of this universal work and the horror experienced by the forced displaced, causes and consequence around this universal situation. To create the sketches of my works, I have digitally merged: documentary photography (material from great photojournalists and documentary photographers), pictorial notes made by me from nature on landscapes and vegetation and other photographic materials with the same aesthetic objectives as my notes. In this way, taking references from each source, I generate raw and honest paintings, with traditional materials that contribute, beyond the anecdotal / advertising / pamphlet, a necessary review of the artistic narrative on this universal theme, a kind of new “pictorial cartography” of the forced displacement drama.

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